Umbrian Landscapes
Project info

In May 2016, I was honored to be selected as an artist-in-residence at Arte Studio Ginestrelle, located in Assisi, Italy. There, I had the opportunity to spend one month in a restored farmhouse on Mt. Subasio, photographing the Italian landscape. During that extended length of time, I experienced a very deep connection with nature.

It seemed that everywhere I looked, stood a magnificent vista; a dreamlike painting, composed by nature. These scenes became even more surreal when low clouds and fog would magically appear.

I revisited my favorite places on the mountain many times, photographing them in varying light and weather conditions. Upon each visit, I felt a deeper and deeper connection to the land and its surroundings.

In this project, I endeavored to capture the dreamlike splendor of the Umbrian landscape. Wanting the viewer to experience the same wonder, beauty, and strong connection that we, as humans, have with the natural world.