Now I see you
Project info

There is an ancient Indian belief that when a lamp is lit it sucks in all the darkness and thereby creates the brightness and as soon the lamp dies the darkness is back. In my opinion photography is a manipulation of light and shadow on Life .Mobile photography is a new found freedom and probably a tool to view this process unfold daily. These are random pictures taken on my phones as I saw these unique moments . Clearly my mind was at a very mindful state as they revealed themselves to me. I say unique because these photographs were almost the things I saw in another form as I went about life but suddenly light transformed into extraordinarily visuals to my eyes .I think these are beyond descisive moments as they appreared momentarily only and because I had a new tool in my hand the mobile camera I was able to capture them. The consistency of my seeing various things has changed though they are completely different objects or things and think that this is how mobile photography should be used to push boundaries in this century.