Jordan refugee crisis
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A country at the edge of collapse

Since many years, Jordan has been the country, which has taken millions of refugees from Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. The official number of registered refugees by the UNHCR varies dramatically by the number estimated by the Jordanian government. Only 10 % of all the refugees are living in camps, while the vast majority is crammed in empty houses and apartments or seek shelter in churches and other buildings, which are converted to accommodate the large number of people. Everybody is seeking a new life outside their country, far from war and cruelties, despite the fact that the conditions are extremely difficult and the duration of the stay unpredictable. These pictures are taken during 10/2016. During my stay in Jordan I have worked with refugees in and outside the camps all over the country and became witness to what is reported by the UNHCR as being the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II, with the number of displaced people at its highest ever.
The emphasis in my work lies on communities with the focus at human, social and environmental issues. I am looking for an intuitive moment if I photograph, to be able to reach deeper and create a new visual layer.