loose polyhedron
Project info

“loose polyhedron” is the series that express the emotions of a human being,and the balance of the emotions.
Japanese language has the word “KIDOAIRAKU” means delight,anger,sorrow and pleasure. The word classifys a emotions into 4 category.
The series have the format.There is a model who is the condition of being in flat in the middle.And there are 4 same models behind the middle.From left,the model express the delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure.
The model writes the chart of balance of own emotions before shooting.This result is reflected in the distance from the camera in the work.
The works become “the typology of emotions” by increasing in number,express the model’s personality.

“monodramatic” and “loose polyhedron” are complementaries mutually,It becomes one work by putting it together.