The Little Playground
Project info

"How many shots can one get from a location?" "How much can one work a scene?" "What are the limits of Street Photography?"

Around a year ago, during a period where I felt an acute lack of inspiration, I set out to find my answer to these questions by shooting every week a little playground close to my home.

The idea was to push the limits of my creativity within a set of constraints:
1) Shoot in a very small area.
2) Shoot only street photography, i.e. only "un-posed", candid shots of strangers.
3) Shoot mostly in the morning.

This set of images is the current state of this on-going experience. It taught me that in the field of street photography, there is no end to the variety of situations one can encounter even in such small area.
People, light, situations change every day and one only needs to look hard enough to see this.
It also gave me insight on how people, who are starved of outdoor activities, use one of the very few open spaces available in my area and exercise in such an overcrowded place.