Project info

Once supposed key attributes have been stripped off, how much will be left of you, of your attractiveness and particularly self-confidence? As an experiment and journey to the very inside, this is also story about listening to yourself, watching yourself like a stranger from the distance, reflecting about different, conflicting selves, and asking about your very own essentials: Will you stay or will you vanish, once being separated from your background? - “So here it is. No hype, no glass, no pretense. Just me. Stripped.” (Quote from the song “stripped” (pt. 1) by Christina Aguilera)
This project was inspired by Martha Grimes’ Emma Graham book series, which includes much philosophical thought about Coles Phillips’ Fadeaway Girls. It was partly created using long time exposure and strobe. This is not supposed to create a perfect illusion, but what matters is the "fadeaway" effect: Letting hair, arms and other features be removed by covering them, by letting them fade away through melting with the background, as a mental experiment, instead of eliminating them by the help of post-production.
Model, make up and latex-baldness (inner values) idea: Michelle R. - Final concept, photography, styling and post production: KyprisAthina