Previously on Hans Lucas #10
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Looking towards an uncertain future. To still believe in the cathartic tide and in glorified poses in serpentines or in marble busts. Behind these postures, the mirror of the soul has passed its chance. Everything is there, in those infinite deserts that are split into thousands of rigorous arithmetic lines - a sort of premonition or archeology of the future, one that will have left us nothing, except some stray dogs wandering in pasture.

In the center, the pace riveted towards tomorrow, Man holds tight. And sometimes it happens that in order to keep hold of his constrained and slippery movements, the duo is still valid - one in front of the other, one behind the other. Between flames and earth dust, the spectacle of the world continues to reinvent itself and then disappear and the portrait, in number here and in due form, serves the basis of a natural setting relegated to the background. While for others, it is a question of getting further anchored firmly in the ground and not leaving it.

Plasticity and documentation highlight together this POHL # 10 from which, the figures and discomforts as proof, the harsh actuality of an era made of spasms sometimes makes us see with eyes wide open, sometimes with eyes wide shut. Let us pursue with them this journey of the absurd, adorned with our strongest ornaments, there may well be magic between these contemporary icons of which one almost guesses the golden background, and those unadorned Arcadia that the human loves tirelessly to build.

—Fanny Lambert