Night in Cherry Red
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When you are thinking of yourself, it may not be that you’re always facing yourself precisely.
But it must cause great fear to disrupt yourself in order to have a complete objective point of view.
Although Cognitive Science has subdivided and the study may have advanced partially, I think that 99% of their subjects remain unsolved to this day.
We always have to experience the difficulties of the recognition that could be never digitized.
I don't intend to say that “art” can solve everything, but “art” can be more fitting than science when suggesting new viewpoints or comprehend complexity of the cognition.
Recognition of the self and others, this is the theme of my work. Our daily life is full of contrasts. Every difference makes us, and we like them to be balanced somehow.
It seems to be in harmony in the world, but tricks can be found everywhere.
If 2 people are facing each other across the table in a new cafe, the drawings on the wall they remember may be different.
Or a traveler from the east and a traveler from the west may see a different scenery even if they are walking on the same road.
The entrance to a different dimension is found from the comparison or the converse points of view.
A man and woman appear in an unusually red atmosphere in this story.
They hardly look at each other.
In fact, they are incapable of looking at each other.
They are also unable leave each other.
Particular love does not seem to intervene between them. The two do not know why they are together.
The characters in this story are embodying those who cannot look directly at themselves.

The two characters are in fact the very same person in this story.