Migrant and Photojournalism and mediatical constructed sense
Project info

Series of photographs taken on the Guatemalan side in the western part of the border, wich is divided by the river Rio Suchiate,Ciudad Tecun Uman on the Guatemalan side and Ciudad Hidalgo, in the state of Chiapas, on the Mexican side.

I wanted to be at a place where I have seen a lot of photojournalist narratives take place, a site charged with mediatical constructed sense. I stayed 1 week camped at
El paso del Coyote, one of the many places where the flow of migrants northwards is constant, unstoppable and a matter of human survival, as individuals and families seeks a better life up north.

I chose to use colorful flash to challenge the usual view we have on photojournalism and documentary photography as an indexical proof of truth. You need to understand that the colors in these photographs don’t serve an esthetic purpose for me. It's more an indicator of my presence in the picture, the way I choose to show that I’m there without hypocrisy, because even in a documentary context (I, they, we,) can't be objective. Photography always creates reality rather than capturing it.

This experimental jam on actuality topics (immigration, drug trafficking, environmental issues, pollution, povrety) is essential in my approach and research of evidences and clues to bring up my philosophical thoughts: the photograph is an active creator of the characters of reality itself, not only a transmitter or recorder of reality.