Project info

SURVIVING HUMANITY explores the future of humanity.
Climate changing, demography, migrations, war. Following the experts opinion, in the coming decades we are going to face huge challenges. And for the first time in history, we are dealing with our survival.
This work explore what science is doing around the world to face the future, meeting those unknown men and women handling with our future, and narrating places where human being is organizing his resilience.
Pictures are taken in: North Pole scientific base and Global Seed Vault (Svalbard), Cryopreservation centers (USA), different institutes and Universities working with humanoid robotics, NASA astronauts simulating life on Mars (Hi Seas IV NASA Mission Hawaii), edible insect farming in Netherland, biosphere to preserve biodiversity and educate children in UK.The work (all realized in 2016) is till ongoing and it will be completed on March 2017.