Wings in the sleeves
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In the mid-20th century a pigeon loft could be found in every third yard in the city of Kuybyshev (USSR). A 12 year-old owner of a pigeon loft was highly respected by his peers and it was the place where the children from the neighbourhood got their all-important early experiences. Pigeons were exchanged, sold, stolen and gifted. A friendship could easily be ended while arguing over the preferred breed. For most children it was more than just a hobby. But the technological progress and changing lifestile have done it. You can hardly find a pigeon loft today within any urban territory. They still huddle among dull cluttered garages, rubbish containers endless parking lots, but that is quite a different story. Boys racing pigeon in 50s grew gray and got time-worn, their dreams vanished for good and some of them pass away every year.