Rocket man
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"We have our dreams because without them we could not bear the truth." Erich Maria Remarque

This is a story about a man named Alexey. He is self-educated inventor. He had a childhood dream to become a pilot, but due to poor eyesight he did not pass the commission in flight school. Alexey is 29, and he lives in the industrial part of Tolyatti city, which is a major center of the Russian car industry. Now he tries to adapt his childhood dreams to the real conditions of unfriendly space he is living. His dreams about sky are incarnated in some strange inventions. One of them is a land rocket. I met Alexey a year ago during one of bikers parties where he tried to ride on his rocket at first time. It was very unsuccessfully attempt because he almost burned down. It struck me deeply, but it does not reduce inventor`s resoluteness and creativity. Since, I have been keeping an eye on inventor and his strange rocket. He has no own family or girlfriend spending a lot of time in underground workshop. There is no any serious calculation, drawing or plot of the jet engine, and construction as a whole. Most components rocket consists of have been finding at scrap-metal dumps. However, Alexey is currently the only person in the entire Old World, which has ridden a similar vehicle. I devote this series to all crazy romantics who don't want to be reconciled with surrounding reality. They create new extraordinary world, and sacrifice so much only for a dream.