Molenbeek, so-called jihadi centre
Project info

With the Paris terrorist attacks, the Brussels quarter Old Molenbeek came in the international spotlights. Some of the attackers came from there. For a week the international press from all over the world covered Molenbeek. Some filming from the window of a car. Some seeking thrilled sensation. Many giving an unacurrate account of the events and as such stigmatizing Old Molenbeek and its inhabitants. It is a troubled community with small riots once and a while driven by youngsters without a future or just small druglords. But poor Old Molenbeek is also a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. With muslim extremists planning attacks and their sympathizers, but also with pacific salafists, non-believers, strong women building up the community, young women with or without a headscarf. And not to forget some kids speaking fluently five languages.
This ongoing project wants to give a more accurate view on Old Molenbeek.