A Quiet Celebration of Rural Nolensville
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“"William Nolen, his wife, Sarah, and their five children were passing through the area in 1797 when their wagon wheel broke. Forced to stop and survey his surroundings, Nolan noted the rich soil and abundance of natural resources, and decided to make Nolensville his home.” ~ Wikipedia

For over 200 years, Nolensville, Tennessee has been a small, rural community enjoying a simple, quiet life. Dairy farming was a primary way of life for many Nolensville natives. Old-timers often tell stories of the traffic on Clovercroft Road coming to a halt twice a day while the cows would cross the road to get to the milk barn for milking.

With its close proximity to the more urban Nashville, the quaint Nolensville farms are slowly succumbing to the hands of developers. The rural way of life is disappearing.

Knowing that change is inevitable, I have spent the past six or so years photographing the old Nolensville before its charm and history is lost for future generations. Many of the scenes photographed are either gone or will disappear in the near future.

The images of the series seek to honor the unpretentious beauty and simple dignity of rural life. The culture of rural Nolensville -- and rural Tennessee -- is one that honors faith, family, the natural land, our nation, and time-honored traditions.

With these images I invite you, the viewer, into a quiet and peaceful reflection on a simpler way of life and to experience moment of nostalgia of Nolensville and the American South.