Drifting to Europe
Project info

Hundreds of thousands of people have crossed the Mediterranean Sea in recent years to escape contexts of war, misery or simply seeking a better life. A perilous journey, which put their lives in the hands of traffickers, who do not care for their lifes, having resulted in the death and disappearance of thousands of persons every year.

In this situation, several NGOs have started to work in the area and launched rescue boats with which they perfor salvages a few kilometers from the coast of Libya, the starting place of these boats, thus reducing the number of deaths.

Among them is Jugend Rettet (Youth to the rescue), that since July this year has added to this work. It is an organization founded by Jakob Shoen, a 19 years old german student who, after seeing in the news that a rubber boat with 800 people sank while trying to reach Italy through the Mediterranean waters, started a very ambitious project together with a multidisciplinary team of 10 people: get their own boat and launch it to the Mediterranean Sea to save lives.

That dream became real and now Iuventa, name given to the vessel bought with the money adquired through a succesfull crowdfunding campaign, has already collaborated on the rescue of over four thousand people since the first recue mission started on july 24th.