Tempus Silens
Project info

Tempus Silens portrays a series of over 70 items that are visibly used and kept with love. The images are slow and urge one to stand still, literally (because of the printsize (112x156) but also figuratively speaking (causing self reflection). The items in the photographs are removed from all context and captured bare, yet the viewer feels the invisible fingerprints left behind on the intensely personal objects. The pictures move and because of their bareness they become vivid and intimate. The series is in strong contrast with the present time in which often many events happen concurrently. The viewer is invited to give new meaning to the objects, by reflecting one’s own background or by looking ahead. What is in the box, what is written in the letter? Is it a love letter or a farewell letter? Who has been repairing the christening cloth so precisely, and when?