Elephants in Captivity
Project info

This submission documents the life of elephants in captivity at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Karnataka, India. There is a dual story here, one of the captive: elephants and the captor: humans. The camp was created to rehabilitate elephants from man-animal conflict zones(result of habitat loss). Some elephants in this camp have been born into captivity. I want to highlight through this work the result of mindless human actions.
This project also has been my teacher on two accounts. The first teaching was about human and animal behaviour. Since I started this project I have visited the camp several times and have learnt of the beauty of the elephants and the shades in human nature. The second teaching was in terms of photography. I started by submitting just one image from the project for a competition and based on the feedback have been continuously improving, with this submission being my best work so far.