On Water and Dreams
Project info

I often sit at the edge of the ocean, where three of the elements meet, and wonder how the fourth element came to burn in me. My work is a reverie inspired by that wonder.

I focus on aspects of nature, aspects of a seascape, through the use of long exposure and framing. Time is drawn out in the long exposures, and is placed in dialog with substance. I then place my images in a dialog with one another. The calmness of the sea is juxtaposed with the turbulence of a mighty wave…the same body of water moving from one state to another, from calm to tempest to calm again. I am fascinated by phenomena that persist, phenomena that have preceded us by eons and will continue long after our departure. It is easy for me to get lost in the great expanse of eternity and feel insignificant. Yet by focusing my work on the vastness of the ocean and the relentless rhythms of nature, I connect with the world in a profound way.