A Nursery Rhyme For You
Project info

As the mother of two girls with fanciful imaginations, in an era when childhood fantasy is often interrupted by technology, I have sought to create an environment for my children that allows for boredom and contains some of the magic I longed for in my own childhood while trying to impart an honest sense of the world we live in today. I find inspiration anywhere from fairytales and nursery rhymes to the natural world and current events. In A Nursery Rhyme For You I am attempting to both create a child-like fantasy world and allow the harshness of reality to seep in. When I make an image I am very interested in exploring it's underbelly. I want to both dwell on and delete some of the darkness in any given scenario, to try on a story for size, to understand what it might be like to exist in that portal to another reality, to learn from it, but also leave it behind, as if in a dream.