Little Bullfighters of Mexico
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Two 6-year-old boys, Salvador and Tadeo attend Matador training school in Mexico City. Since the age of 5 they have trained for four hours every Saturday and Sunday morning, learning the craft of bullfighting they are called ‘toreros’. Tuition begins with a set of horns used to emulate the movement of a bull. Whilst learning how to evade contact they must respond accordingly with grace and style in custom with tradition. In time, they will work with small cows before ascending to fight smaller bulls. The bullfighting pre-season called the Corrida de Novillos is a proving ground for young fighters aspiring to attain the title of Matador de Toros. Both boys obsessively hope & pray to one day become professional matadors.

The tremendously talented and promising Cristóbal, aged 10, has been training for 2 years. He has since been invited by the famous bullfighter "El Juli" to train with some of the greatest bullfighters in Spain.