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Virtue and vice show up through an allegorical fancy parade, where masks submit themselves to a mutual lampoon.
It’s the reality that escape itself to be than inevitably draft again in its problems.
That is Carnival: a common spirit more than just a date.

It’s a bizzare energy, a cathartic atmosphere, slipping through the streets, surrounding blocks, and revealing itself to those who are willing to be inspired.
An exaggerated laugh, a concerned or astonished gaze, shameless exhibitionism and gauche embarrassment..... all feelings and reactions raised by playing unknown identities.

The spirit behind the tradition find its strength in the contradiction and has vague and distant origin.
Someone links it to the pagan ceremonies in honour of Saturn, to safeguard the beginning of the agricultural season. Someone else associates it instead with paleolithic magic rituals, where shamans wore masks to reject evil spirits.
Besides its origin, for sure the essence of Carnival is anchored to the territory and the inhabitants, to the daily contrasts and the hope in the future.

Carnival is an open space, welcoming every person who would love to take part of it. But it is also a battle field between the everyday rigour and the unpunished transgression. As Lorenzo de’ Medici used to sing.... “He who will, let happy be, The morrow has no certainty”.