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Sweden's northernmost town

67°51′N 020°13′E

When you open the door and you breathe in the cold arctic breeze, the hair in your nose freezes and you feel crisp air flowing through your body. Outside it is only -28 degrees, the inhabitants of Kiruna will tell you “that that’s not cold, -40 that’s cold.”

Even though Kiruna is haunted by its incredible temperatures, driving through the town's streets, you will most certainly be enchanted by its picturesque houses. They are decorated with hundreds of small red and yellow christmas lights. People are wearing at least three different layers of woolen clothes. Kiruna however, is not an ordinary town. This particular town has been established as a mining town. Situated on the edge of world's biggest and most modern underground Iron ore mine in the world. The truth is that Kiruna has to move. Literally pack up and go three kilometers east. Kiruna has to go, to prevent the town from collapsing and disappearing into the deep underground darkness of its mine.