Outside Shanghai Disney, There Is No Miracle
Project info

Shanghai Disneyland was officially open on June 16 and test ran in May this year. During the first one or two months of its opening, visiting the Disneyland, or even having a ticket is something that you could proudly show off to others. But most of normal Chinese people are not able to have this privilege to be the first class to visit the miracle world, as the tickets are limited, and most importantly, some of them couldn't afford the price of ticket.
In this series, There are people who lived nearby, Disneyland's construction workers and the only family who lived in a demolition site two blocks away from Shanghai Disney. There are kids who dream to be Snow White or eager to enter the park. After Disney's opening, variety of people take photos of the Disney castle through fences and locked gate. It is just like those photos are a prove that they have actually been to the Shanghai Disney.
Through those photos, I would like to show Chinese people's incredible passion to western's Disney culture, which reveals the lack of some legend eastern culture for Chinese people that is able to draw such a huge attention and eventually, be commercialized.