She got the kiss
Project info

It is great to see and be able to capture stories on the streets where affection and fun are the main characters, not just suffering and disasters. It is also very fulfilling to see a police officer, who not many times are associated to care and friendly manners, to be at ease when the situation allows it; not serious, stiff and trying to give always the same distant attitude. This officer was obviously a bit in shock when a spectator of the NY Gay Pride Parade tried to kiss him on the cheek once the parade was over, but instead of being rude he managed the situation in a professional and friendly way. I was there, at the Soho, documenting the whole parade event for more than 6 hours and when I was about to leave at the end of it, I was lucky to be in the right place to observe how this fun, courageous and persistent girl achieved what she wanted and what many would have bet she couldn't have gotten. This is a little tribute to break mental borders, expand our mindsets to new boundaries and dimensions where we can find inspiration on other people doing little actions that evoke better relationships among us.