The Unseen - Voyagers of a Cosmic Mind
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These series are an exploration of the magnificence of our Galactic Universe.
Beyond our physical body resides a more galactic unlimited nature, where our mind and soul have the freedom to traverse space and time. A more forever state of being that allows us to explore the vastness of who we really are… Cosmic Voyagers.

Mirrors have been known to be a gate between the seen and unseen, a time traveling device when used purposefully in a trance like state of mind. Allowing us to venture into new territories perhaps never explored before.

Dark Matter proves the Unseen. Recent Scientific breakthroughs attest to such a statement. "A black hole (great amount of matter packed into a very small area - think of a star ten times more massive than the Sun) can not be seen because strong gravity pulls all of the light into the middle of the black hole. But scientists can see how the strong gravity affects the stars and gas around the black hole." --Nasa