Heat Signature
Project info

A series of thermal imaging portraits exploring the conscious human existence. A thermal camera reveals the infrared energy that every living being emits. The individual heat signature of our body is compared to the unique existential trace we want to create in the world before we die and all living heat disappears from us.

The images depict people's body heat while they are in a contemplative state of visualising their future. The thermal camera reveals the vital heat every living being possesses, while the thoughtful expressions of the subjects and their closed eyes hint to their inner world of imagination, daydreams and personal realities. The work explores the distinctive heat signature we have as well as the unique trace we want to create and leave in the world.

The body heat recorded by the thermal camera is transformed into a digital image with vivid colours. In this case, the colours range from white through, yellow, orange and red to purple and blue - white being the hottest area and blue being the coldest. These colours are symbolic of life and death.

I aim to provoke thoughts about the existential, yet deeply personal questions: What is the meaning of life? What does each of us aim to achieve in life before we die, and what will be left when we no longer exist?

The project does not intend to make a statement but rather to provoke thought and contemplation.

Desired exhibition presentation: six thermal images printed on ice blocks that slowly melt away in a controlled environment.