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There are two ways to understand SAPOLOGIE. On one side there is SAPE Kinshasa way that is spectacular, extrovert and theatrical. It feels like being In full Baroque opera. On the other side the SAPE way Brazzaville more classic, Bureaucratic and conformist it is about the elegance to the English style. This explains the differences in dress behaviors of the two Congo. SAPOLOGIE is a cultural and artistic movement based on respect and tolerance. This artistic movement mixes harmony, seriousness and Aesthetics to a work around the body expression, the pipeline anger, creativity and innovation in clothing.
I've always been fascinated by the sappers. At the thought of knowing that these people are able to squander 99% of their income just to undermine it has something surrealist in a country where the average wage hardly exceeds 60 euros. To undermine Congo Brazzaville and Kinshasa then becomes an art of living, a religion for certain and an outlet for others.