When the Day: Nameless - Still and Continuous Colour series
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Hai Matahari,... please provide your best sunshine for today, filled with ultra-violet rich abundance. Although it was raining sometimes comes spilling water for life on this earth, we still strive tirelessly to the present day. The rainy season which has been replaced by the brightness of the sun accompanied by cold winds that blow. The afternoons were little changed, because at the end of twilight are more likely to red color. An accuracy in a matter of Kelvin, it is important for me noticed when photographing, as well as ultra-violet rays in addition to my father who still continued therapy for recovery. Trees begin to bear fruit in the yard though sometimes falling, because the heat and rain successive hit.

I could not talking too much longer, just the same routine as yesterday. Trying to increase the intensity of healing for the father that sometimes become a futility because too weary and exhausting. We just need the intensity and the quality remains consistent. Equate mind and share tasks with mom is the most important thing to be a spirit. This is the color of life, as well as the series of photos I show to the color version. Still maximize diptich format, for maximum visual display ideas. View and looked between the two sides, right and left. A large parallax in continuity moments in my daily life at home.

Starting the morning activities, open the windows and let the sunlight, making a cup of coffee and smoke clove cigarettes, look at the back garden for a while, before went into my father's room to bring him again therapy with warm sunshine. Expectations for hope, all such projected into a note on each frame that I earn. Make connections from different sides and angles of view, found them in everyday life, at home and yard.