Latent Urbanities
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Photographic and drawing essay about the spontaneous refugee camp in Calais, the border between France and England that took place between April 2015 and October 2016. It is an unconventional story, which seeks to distance itself from the media image to propose another approach to a stigmatized place. It seeks to reveal how this place gradually transformed into a real city, self-constructed by refugees and volunteers. While waiting for a hypothetical crossing, you have no choice and you have to live, , to build and still being yourself, in spite of everything.
I choose to represent the intimacy and details of life and encounters through the drawings and not the photos, this leaving a greater degree of imagination to the viewer.
The end result is a crossing of my book of drawings, which accompanied me during the 4 months of work, and my photographic images. These one tell the territory, the theater where we build dailylife . The drawings them, lead the viewer to the world of intimacy and detail, leaving him free to project himself and develop his own imagination.
New Jungle of Calais, France, 2016.