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Homosexuality, transvestism and living with AIDS are reasons for discrimination and alienation in a conservative Catholic Mexican society.

In the middle of despair is a shelter, Oasis, for people with HIV and AIDS. This long-term documentary project is about four individuals who carry stigmas that do not fit into the norms of Mexican society. These men have found hope and support in Oasis which operates as a sociopolitical platform in favor of human and homosexual rights.

After living for a short period of time in Oasis, they had to find their way back to start life on their own. These men are trying to live life to its fullest without the certainty of tomorrow.

Reyna Patricia and Deborah transform into women when the sun sets to offer sex services as prostitutes. Gerardo Chan Chan was forced to live among pigs because his Mayan Indian parents did not accept his homosexuality. Carlargas symbolizes the last chapter of AIDS, being killed by the disease without family or relatives, but with the care of the last respectful silence of Oasis.