From darkness to light
Project info

This series is the result of work done for 2 years. All from a modest social background, these young people are subject to discrimination, rejection of their surroundings .. often forced to stop their studies when they become blind, they find themselves socially isolated, without financial support from their families.. The association and the formation of a company allows them to learn a craft, have a purpose in life, to create another family, and to have a glimmer of hope for the future.

I went on site training twice a week, in Yopougon, a popular district of Abidjan. This documentary work revolves around repetition of traditional dances, for personal expression, theater, songs ... everyday, to witness the efforts constantly provided by these young men and girls who want to become independent and reintegrate into society. The work was a great lesson in life .. I have witnessed moments of emotion, sharing, support, joys and sorrows, disappointments and progress .. but one thing is constant: the desire to fight against prejudices and learn to get by.

Move from darkness to light and change their fate ...

OES'42: 16 is an artistic and cultural NGOs, interfaith, non-political and non-profit whose mission is reintegration, rehabilitation and promotion of visually impaired people in the arts, cultural activities, sport and Community action, evangelization
by arts and promoting gospel.
As part of its activities, the NGO OES'42: 16 undertook 5 years of socio-cultural and artistic events to promote and raise awareness on the importance of integrating people with visual disability in the social fabric as well as workshops and artistic training (traditional dance, body language, theater, vocals)
the aim of this NGO is to restore spiritually visually impaired person, make available practice arts, body expression and sport to visually impaired people, providing training and capacity building and support professionalism in the arts and culture and realize socio-educational and cultural activities with people with visual disabilities and able-bodied people to promote their integration and openness to others. She cruelly lack of support and resources to develop its activity. The NGOs and youth live thanks to donations (too few), and is keen to find a way to expand its operations with a real financial support.
"Without being able to establish a state of the magic world as we wish it should save what remains of a desirable world"
Antoine de St Exupery