Quiet Isolation
Project info

There is a space for which many of us long. It is personal, it is quiet, but is also usually fleeting in a world that has become smaller, more populated, and less quiet. These images explore the temporal relationships among objects within an ever changing and imperfect intraurban and outland landscape.

The interest in this personal space is pressured from an unending din of chatter, hum of lights and mechanics that pollute our everyday. There are very few places left in the world free from man-made sound or visual distraction of some sort. Even in the jungles of the world one will hear the sounds of man, whether it be the buzz of a chainsaw, the hum of a passing plane overhead or maybe even the lights of an encroaching encampment. Finding solitude or peace in a future of exponential population growth will become the strongest longing in more and more people's lives.

The creation of the images for this series is to take the space within the image and sealing it in a can for safekeeping. It is finding an area of time and space and taping a square outline around it claiming it for your own. These images are my spaces. I may not have spent a significant amount of time in some of these physical spaces but they are now with me and are my own.