I Want to Dance
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Unlike most refugees in the world, Iranians don't escape from their homeland because of battles, genocide or civil war. Most of them mention lack of freedom in their cases to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. They mainly include journalists, activists, homosexuals, converted Christians, and female models and dancers who are threatened by Iran’s Islamic law. Kosar is 30 and lives as a 'social refugee' in Malaysia. According to Iranian law, women are not allowed to dance in public, whereas Kosar's biggest dream is to be a professorial dancer. After an extensive conflict with her parents who were against her dream, she moved to India with the excuse of studying, where she won several awards in dance festivals. She came to Malaysia in 2010 and once again she won the first prize in an International competition. But after the news and videos were spread out, she felt unsafe to go back to Iran. Currently she is taking the advantage of any opportunity to demonstrate her artistic talent in Malaysia.