State of Nature
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State of Nature is an exploration of natural catastrophes post climate change: building massive bulwarks, civil protection agencies attempt to tame the newly feral forces of the picturesque nature in the West, while in the rest of the world people are left to their own devices–all there is, is the assessment once disaster has struck.

A rise in sea levels, thawing permafrost, and melting glaciers create an unpredictable yet imminent hazard of devastating scale. Civil protection agencies work against the clock; building massive bulwarks and re-engineering entire landscapes, they fight storm surges, landslides, and flooding. Supplying a inequitable desire for perfect security, the modification of the topography has reached an unprecedented level. Limiting the chaotic and destructive forces that once made nature sublime, the new landscaped is built with the objective of harmless harmony. Ultimately, nature is turned into the picturesque scenery Europeans perceived it as since the late 19th century.