Notes on a Paper Universe
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I remember once picking up some childlike miniature stars I noticed on the ground. At that moment for me the stars that hung above my head became as close as the plastic ones lying in my hand. Both become the same; both are real and fictitious.

Wallace Stevens perfectly wrote, “The final belief is to believe in a fiction, which you know to be a fiction, there being nothing else. The exquisite truth is to know that it is a fiction and that you believe in it willingly.”

Photography connects my human experience of the world as it informed by science, and pondered through philosophy. I see my reality as relative; constantly being sketched in my mind using my five limited senses. My images return to a childlike innocence of drawing fictions, to expose that my human experience is a set of perceptions interpreted as facts. Like a photograph can be accepted as an accurate depiction of what was; I believe my perceptions are all to often accepted as accurate and absolute of what is. My work questions the reality of my experience, and reveal that the truths the camera is perceived to capture are only fiction.

A photograph is an imperfect visual representation of a perception. All I am is perception, but it’s the only truth I will ever know.