Manifesting Infinity
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There is a certain fascination we have always had when questioning our existence and relation within the universe. It is the pursuit of those ultimate answers, such as, time, space, and impermanence that both science and art are in constant search of.

The mind is whatever we want it to be; we can travel and wonder, with our imagination anything is possible. We can be present at the beginning of time, or ride on a beam of light touring the cosmos, as well as create alternate reali-ties, and fantastical encounters. It is in our imagination that perspective becomes clear, and in these fictitious reali-ties we may explore the amazing possibilities of the uni-verse.

The cosmos may only be realized through perception and consciousness, and ultimately I choose to explore it through my intimate world of the 2 1/4 negative. My con-structed images are fictions, but these fictions are based on truths. Carl Sagan once stated, “we are the way the cos-mos experiences itself.” With consciousness the Universe is experienced, with imagination it is explored.