My Home, My Prison
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Nowadays blood feud is defined as a serious social plague in the Albanian society. It blights the lives of people involved and It creates a climate of fear that casts a shadow over families, including children, depriving them of free interaction with their neighbors and communities.
It reveals the power vacuum that characterized post-communist Albania, and especially the extremely corrupt, slow, and unreliable judiciary system . It shows the incapacity of the state in defending the fundamental human right to life as the most fundamental and important right of individual protected by law.
Even NGOs in this country have profited by exploiting this subject to obtain international funding. Social projects till now, have been coordinated individually – state institution an NGO’s. Similar projects go in parallel, independently from each-other and make step by step loosed the interest and credibility of the issue.
In June 2014, the Council of the European Union, will take a decision on candidate status of Albania. What motivated me, was not so much the feuds themselves but the idea of being in forced isolation, and what that is like for the different members of a family. It has seem to me important to keep on informing about this issue, and show in a humanistic way how is feels like to be in this trap over covered but still under considered.