Memories without memory
Project info

It is very difficult to understand and deal with an Alzheimer patient, its brain reasons of an incomprehensible way for us, and its deterioration is progressive and implacable.
The first objective of this project was to get closer to the mind of one of those people by the observing and living with her every day. As a result I have learned to understand better her thoughts, necessities and feelings.
The second objective, but not easier, is to show her world, so far and different from ours, to go through a painful trip of memories without memory.

I look at her; I wonder how the world she is living in is;
that unknown world for me where I can not travel with her.
I watch her, almost always she smiles, it’s a real but absent smile.
I talk with her about her past, it seems that she remembers,
she widely opens her eyes and then she smiles again
When my voice goes out, her memory dies.