Phantasies Series
Project info

This work was part of my last project for my degree. I feel that this is the strongest of all my work since being at university and having the chance to experiment in the darkroom. Developing on from previous work (based on a recurring dream I have had since a child) I have delved into a surreal dream world, making ambiguous representations of the natural world and our connection to it. Experimenting with double exposure on black and white medium format film, as well as using Polaroid in colour and black and white.

I wanted to be free; I wanted the grass and mud between the toes, the sound of the rushing river, and stillness of death; soft pale delicate skin in the depths of a winter forest. The magic and darkness of a Grimm’s fairy tale. The loneliness of a forgotten person, the sadness of a broken heart. I have captured a dark eerie presences in the forest a story board of a tragic broken hearted young women. These photographs create a dark and sombre look at the world with an artistic twist.