Suleymaniye otopark -Syrian refugees in Istanbul
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in the heart of the Golden Horn in Istanbul, in the district of Fathi, near the parking lot of the Suleymaniye mosque there is a small neighborhood abandoned by the Turkish population.
has implemented a restructuring of the entire neighborhood and the houses are waiting to be razed to build new buildings.
Some families of Syrian refugees have occupied these dilapidated houses and have decided to live in it, and repopulate the neighborhood.
the houses have no windows and doors, simple wood panels are used to close doors and windows of luck.
children and adults spend their time mainly outdoors, teenagers playing in the street, while the large busy themselves in small jobs to better adapt to their new life lotus places.
Often small shacks in the middle of the rubble is cleared to become a makeshift homes, tying the electricity illegally, bring digital decoders to have contact with the lost daily in Syria.
I spent a few days in the neighborhood trying to recount aspects of living in daily life, a strong sense of suspension and waiting for something to happen in the immediate future