Battle of Mosul
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Operation Conquest or Operation Fatah was an offensive against the positions of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Mosul and the surrounding region. The offensive was a joint effort by the Iraqi government forces with allied militias, the government of Iraqi Kurdistan, local Assyrian Christian, Yezidi, Turcoman and Armenian militias, and US and UK air support and limited ground forces. The aim of the operation, part of the military intervention against ISIL, was to set the conditions for an upcoming battle to push ISIL out of the second-largest city of Iraq, as well as the rest of the Nineveh Governorate. The operation follows the Mosul offensive in 2015, which successfully recaptured parts of the region northwest of Mosul, but stopped short of breaching the city itself, for various reasons. The fall of Mosul to ISIL occurred between 4 and 10 June 2014.