Don't Even Go There!
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Don’t Even Go there!

Although South Africa's fertility rate is one of the lowest in sub-Saharan Africa, high rates of early childbirth are still a concern. Most teenage pregnancies occur among poor black and coloured South Africans. The majority of these pregnancies are said to be unwanted and unplanned and the teenager's relationships, unstable.

Becoming a mother during one's teenage years is perceived to be socially, economically and physically deleterious for the teenager and her baby. Despite the negative perception of teenage pregnancy within the townships, particular social and cultural circumstances provided a fertile ground for its occurrence.

Girls' education level has significant influence on the probability of teenage birth, with non-schooling adolescents and those with primary school level education being more vulnerable.

Other key factors include peer pressure and social environment-related factors like inappropriate forms of recreation, which act as rendezvous for pre-marital sex, as well as lack of parental guidance and counselling.