Katei : Process : Family (2013-2014)
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‘katei : process : family’ (2013-2014)
When I lost sexual desire, I was wondering why and seeking for an answer finally led me to my childhood which was 20 years ago. I became to face myself living with my parents who were having affairs, addicted to gambling and alcohol, even doing domestic violence. I was disgusted by not just my parents but human beings.
This project is about facing, admitting and accepting my unpleasant childhood which still impacts my everyday life. It is necessary ‘get over’ process for me to move forward my life to live with people around me.
I believe the struggle in my early childhood can be someone else’s and also believe this struggle has its own beauty. It should be shared with someone like me so that more people are able to feel that their struggle can be transformed to something different but positive and to get a new point of view.