No Child Left Behind
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I have been an educator for the past 20 years, and have a child in public elementary school. I believe strongly in the importance and power of teaching. I am so angry, frustrated and incredulous at how teachers are portrayed in the media; and that they are vilified for our mounting issues in education. They have become taboo. I couldn't sit by any longer and watch this without taking some action. This is my political statement; my manifesto. It's the small part I can play in this important struggle.

No Child Left Behind was a Bush administration faux pas that has had long lasting, negative effects on our educational system. It depersonalized education, and took away respect and trust for teachers by questioning their methods, requiring them to do mindless assessment which is both time consuming and offensive.

Yet, all the educators I have met are sincere and committed to their students in spite of all of this. They really embody the idea of "No Child Left Behind" unwilling to let kids slip through the cracks and fighting for them to succeed. They love their jobs, and are inspiring. Teachers are my heroes. Where are their images? My series celebrates K-12 teachers, showing them with compassion and grace in order to counter the negative press, and creating another story to be circulated.