TIMELESS HOTEL - (2007 - work in progress)
Project info

Presence and Absence…Sounds and Silences...different cities reflecting and blend perfectly with the inside…different scenaries…different architectures…but a common feeling of stupefacient and meditation.
I started this series during my many stays in hotel rooms of Tropical Asian Cities.
The modern high-rise hotels in the Metropolis are immense containers of lives in transition ... so loads of different souls that we can almost perceives the essence of real Entities ... encapsulated in a timeless space and isolated from the rest of the City who lives and breathes its time, and who continues to live in the deep of the Night, with its Neon lights and luminous tracks, left behind from taxis running in the tropical nights, transporting other lifes in other rooms, transit identities in the timeless places.
Technically I didn't retouched any of these Images....no digital manipulation has been used...each Picture is a single shoot with long exposure, exploiting the laws of physics, reflection and refraction of transparent glass.