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In this globalized World, the Continent Asia is the biggest engine of growth and expansion.
The rising urban space, the consumerism, the western culture and the tourism’s economy are inevitably changing the citizens lifestyle and the relationship with their new Metropolis.
“Neon-Lighted Souls” is a work of 8 years of images taken in South East Asia and Hong Kong; a portrait of an Orient that changes quickly its skin, an Asia which is struggling to maintain its secular roots and traditions, more and more saturated by a forced Westernization, which brings with it all that now is part of this territory in mutation…so the encounter; the relationship… between old oil lanterns and the endless neon signs…large elevated roads and small historical streets of the dark colonial neighborhoods…modern taxy and traditional tuk-tuk…between old Asian shops and futuristic shopping malls, shrines of the religious consumerism, Cathedrals of the lights that stand up in skies of the warm and long Asian Nights.