Project info

Organic and manmade creations are all around us. Have you ever stopped to think about how the two have visually come together in a bizarre and unlikely unison? Perfectly placed trees and bushes frame manmade structures everywhere we turn. The placement of this natural organism is what brings life to the urban environment. No one wants to be swallowed by concrete buildings, surrounded by sidewalks, or trapped behind glass, which is why scrawny imprisoned trees are planted every block in every American city, to create the illusion of space and bring green into a monochromatic environment.

I traveled around the North East wherever there was an obvious human presence to depict the man altered landscape. I originally started in Boston, but quickly realized on my trips elsewhere, that man had nearly taken over every place that I go. Suburban towns, middle of no-where countrysides, and cities all had the same influence of man upon nature. Natural and manmade objects are forced into a relationship, whether or not they enjoy it. I want people to see how obviously ridiculous the current world looks, thanks to the necessity for humans to push these two opposing elements together.

After the first few weeks of shooting, I quickly noticed that almost all of my photos were united by the color green. Originally unintentional, green became a significant piece of this project because green is the hue that captures the essence of organic objects. However, green can also represent strong feelings of greed and possessiveness, which can correlate the relationship between man and nature. The presence of green in my photos is a reminder that nature is still present and will remain harmonious wherever it is, no matter the situation.