La Ura
Project info

I have always seen the world in an architectural way where objects, body parts, and colors become shapes and forms. I use the photographic medium to visually join my body with an environment. I am inspired by places I have never been to because I love exploration and experimentation. In fact, a huge part of my inspiration for some of my self-portraiture comes from not looking through the viewfinder. A great deal of the time, creating self-portraits involves having trust in my camera and being excited by the element of surprise.

I use unusual angles and perspectives to alter perceptions of reality because I want to break the mold of typical portrait expectations. When I take self-portraits from the ground looking upwards, I search for only the most visually compelling surroundings overhead. I have found that organic and natural looking environments are the most exciting to photograph myself in because I become part of the world around me.

I am a shy woman. It is fun for me to think about the surprise people feel when looking at this work based on the way I am normally perceived in the world. Self-portraiture allows me to showcase my true personality in public: what remains on the inside without having to act loud and exuberant all the time. On the outside, I almost always want to keep to myself and be quiet. Self-portraiture creates an outlet for more reserved people like me because it lets us prove that we are more dynamic and capable of an abundance of emotions, despite what other’s preconceived notions may be.