The Unbearable Lightness of iPhone Photography
Project info

Usually "stuck" to analog and digital photography equipment Jürgen Novotny - perhaps a little bit timidly... - began to use his iPhone camera a few years ago. The results are very much different from what he was used to (

Jürgen Novotny uses his iPhone as a kind of modern pinhole camera: with it's restricted optics & resolution and the absence of an optical zoom it's a special pleasure (and challenge :-) to achieve sometimes surprising results... assisted by the capability to edit the photos directly with one of the many iPhone Apps.

The challenge: Every photo displayed shall fulfill the following criteria: solely taken with an iPhone, directly edited inside the iPhone, no post editing on a „regular“ computer. This small iPhone photography gallery tells a small story from the last years, taken with iPhones 3, 4 and (currently) 5...