Project info

”Atonement” in the sense of ”coming to terms with” or ”reconciling oneself with” a certain situation or certain circumstances – could be both a good and a bad experience.
Atonement can be in relation to oneself or in relation to others and I’m interested in finding an artistic expression for this concept.
I have returned to places where I’ve experienced atonement and I’ve photographed the place or I have simply photographed the place there and then as it happened.
The photographs do not attempt to be documentary in the sense that I as a photographer am observer or interpreter. It is my intention to convey an imprint of the nature or character of the place as a backdrop for a personal story which is not in itself told. I deliberately do not tell that story. It is up to the individual spectator to make his or her own interpretations and to judge whether the photograph conveys something good or bad or maybe something completely different.
I’ve photographed a number of this kind of pictures and the editing of this work progresses concurrently with the living of my life so new photographs are going to be added from time to time.
I think, however, that the photographs I’ve chosen to show here have sufficient cohesion to represent my concept. They are not serial as such and may therefore be shown individually as well as together.
4 of the photographs participated in the Censored Exhibition of the 2014 Copenhagen Photo Festival.